"When I first registered my domains, I used a company with a great name, (name dropped). I paid a premium price for their service, and when I asked for domain forwarding, they wanted more money. I soon realized that I wasn't paying for services, I was paying for the name. I was the percentage they bank on trusting them for their name alone.

Upon leaving, the 'great name' site asked me about 4 times if I really wanted to leave their services, and I laughed. They tried every trick to fool customers in to staying with them, even junk mail.

The truth is, I am very happy to have found CleverDot. I tried registering one domain with them at first. After seeing how much more they offered than a 'great name' company at about a third of the cost, I began transferring all my accounts to CleverDot. I haven't regretted the move at all, in fact I now use them for all my DNS services.

Thank you CleverDot, you've saved me money and gave me more!"

Steve Baldwin

H.O.W.D.Y. Media