"I am serving as web master for our newly established timessquareplaywrights.org (also, .net and .com), domains all registered with CleverDot, which also serves as our host. I am very much an amateur at this sort of thing, but I have found the support I have already requested at least three times from CleverDot during the less than two weeks we have been online really most encouraging. In each instance I received an email within a very few hours of my SOS, usually a problem not very complicated for those who know what they're doing, but how very nice to have a quick and courteous response that did not make me feel like the village idiot. In each case, my question was answered not only promptly and courteously, but accurately and effectively. Each question was handily answered. In brief, I think this service, inexpensive as it is, is first-rate, and I wish the people providing all success in the future. They make doing this stuff a pleasure......"

Norman Weinstein