First testimonial:

"Thanks!! The order went thru!!!! You guys are the best!! This is why I am moving all my domains from (name dropped) and giving you guys all of my future webmastering domain set ups!!! And you can add that to you testimonials!!! You guys ROCK!!"

Several years later:

"I have been with for YEARS!! I am a graphic/web designer. Ive been doing this for over 30 years. I WAS with E***, before this, for probably 4 years. Their customer support went all to hell, and I needed a place that I could take my customers. One that I could depend on and recommend to my customers!! One that would take good care of them when I no longer controlled the site.

My brother, who is an IT man for a very large oil company out of San Fransisco, recommended for all my websites. I looked at their site and liked to smile soooo wide seeing their package deal they had, for domain name AND site, per year!!! WHAT a DEAL!!!

So I hooked up with them with 5-6 different sites of my own, and every customer I have dealt with since then. I find their support and sales to be on the ball!! EVERY time I have sent in a request for anything they have gotten back to me unbelievably fast, day or night. I tend to be a night owl. So when I sent requests, questions, or anything else,then go to bed. I would wake up the next morning with my answer.

Their Cpanel is the S**T!!! If I was a beginner web designer I would SO be in love with ALL that they offer.....from basic web design, to setting up your own store!! Stats...EVERYTHING one could want to know about their site.....who is looking at you....where did they come from (site)..... How many times looked at - Monthly - Weekly - Daily - Hourly.... OMG! Does it GET any better then THAT!!! The services they offer the web site administrator are incredible!!

I will be using Cleverdot for many years to come and I suggest anyone looking to save money, have great tech support, site stats, and aids in setting up the coolest sites/blogs, should too!!! THANK YOU CLEVERDOT, you got MY business!!! YOU ROCK!!!"

Annette, Webmaster